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Who we are?

We are an innovative manufacturer and distributor of effective, efficient quality products and services to meet our valued customer expectations. We aim to reestablish a modernized detergent business in Zimbabwe which reflects our philosophy of providing quality chemical solutions through supply of quality chemical products in our chosen field of Detergents and water treatment industries. 

Companies we have worked with


Garage Products

Aluminium Cleaner

Battery Acid

Battery Water

Car Shampoo

Car Wash

Engine Cleaner

Hand Cleaner

Heavy Duty Degreaser

Lacquer Thinners

Mineral Turpentine

Window Cleaner

Household & Industrial Products

Dish Wash

Drain Opener


Floor Polish

Bead Tyre Lube

Carpet Shampoo

Hard Surface Cleaner


Laundry Powder

Liquid Bleach

Pine Disinfectant



Mortuary Products

Mortuary Deodoriser

Mortuary Cleaner

Cavity Fluid

Aterial Fluid

Cooling Tower Chemicals

Biocide 1(Gax 26)

Biocide 2(M530)


2 IN 1 Visigard

Boiler Chemicals

Boiler Antiscalent

pH Booster

Fire Combust

Steam Line Protector

2 IN 1 Confidence

Boiler AntiCorrossion Liduid

Boiler AntiCorrossion Powder

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